HUSHH-UPS® - All Balls are not Created Equal

Since its inception Sound Listening Environments Inc. has made a commitment to provide the SAFEST PRODUCT in the market to our customers. Knowing that Hushh-ups® are most often used in classrooms made it vital that we closely examine the materials and the process used in the manufacturing of our product. Our advisors and consultants who were either past or current executives from the three largest tennis ball companies warned us that lower end tennis balls could potentially create health risks. The result of extensive research led us to only one choice: start with high-quality units and reject alternative cheap and possibly risky balls.

Sound Listening Environments Inc. chose to start with the highest quality balls not only because of what you see – a unit that is superior in quality – but also because of what you don’t see. That is, what is in the interior core of the ball.

Cheaper balls are pressurized by inserting a reactive pellet or liquid into the core of the ball that when processed, turns into a CHEMICAL GAS. The pellet does not completely dissipate and a chemical residue remains in the interior of the ball. We were advised that the composition of this residue differs among the many manufacturers of these types of balls. Once a chemically inflated ball is cut, the remaining residue within the core of the ball is no longer contained. This leads to the risk of exposing students, teachers and other staff to these chemicals. We were counseled that some of these residues may contain potentially hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonium chloride.

Hushh-ups® are the only commercially available pre-cut balls that use AIR INFLATION during the pressurization process. Since Hushh-ups are pressurized with AIR ONLY there is no risk of exposure to chemical residues.

We have also ensured that Hushh-ups® meet latex safety criteria. This is a critical requirement as an allergic reaction can be life threatening. We have had quite a few inquires of this nature over the years. For this reason, Hushh-ups® have been analyzed for latex content by an internationally accredited laboratory. The levels of latex protein found in Hushh-ups® are so minute that they register as below detection in lab testing. If you require further information on this topic, please contact us.

Some schools opt to collect used balls. Since Hushh-ups® are precision pre-cut units, the health and safety risk for individuals who may injure themselves by using sharp cutting instruments is eliminated. Old, used balls may also pose a threat of introducing mold and other materials into the environment because they are dirty.

Hushh-ups are the SAFE solution!
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